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Kyuhyun was confused. Sungmin was an arrogant prick; he was Kyuhyun's enemy. It had always been like that, ever since Kyuhyun had begun going to school at The Academy.
Two Months Ago

He walked through the door into his first class. The teacher smiled at him and led him to the front of the room. 

"Everyone, this is Cho Kyuhyun. Please make him feel welcome." she announced.

"Yes Miss Kim!" the class said in unison.

Kyuhyun walked to an empty seat and sat in it. He turned to the kid next to him and smiled.

"Hi. What's your name?"

"Lee Donghae. What company do your parents own?"


"I said 'What company do your parents own?'"

"Oh. Uh... They don't own one..."



"How'd you get into this school, then?"

"I... Got a scholarship. Why would my parents own a company?"

"This is an expensive private school, or so I've been told. Only the children of large and successful company owners usually enroll here,"

"Oh.. Do your parents own a company?"

"Yeah. They own Pear."

"Omo! Seriously?! THE Pear?! As in the creators of the PearPod and PearPad?!"

Donghae smiled at Kyuhyun.


He pointed to a blonde boy who was doodling in his notebook. 

"That's Lee Eunhyuk. His father owns Silver Airlines."

It continued like this for a while. Donghae would point out each child in the room, and what company their parents owned. Kyuhyun was amazed. How did he, a regular seventeen-year-old kid, get into this school? 

He learned a lot about the other boys.
There was Choi Siwon, who's dad owned a Lexus car dealership. There was Kim Kibum, who's mother was the CEO of a large hospital. Kim Ryeowook's step-father owned Cooking Network. 

He couldn't list them all. There were so many!

"Who is that?" Kyuhyun asked.

He pointed to a boy sitting in the corner. The boy was very attractive. He had soft-looking pink lips and milky white skin, with burnette hair, and a small gold ring in one of his ears.

"That's Lee Sungmin. His dad owns EsEm   Entertainment."

Kyuhyun stared and Sungmin looked up.

Sungmin has beautiful eyes...

Kyuhyun thought Sungmin was a nice kid. He was so wrong.

Sungmin was an ass. All he did was make fun of Kyuhyun and bully him. 

One day, he took an essay Kyuhyun had spent hours on and threw it in mud. He began laughing when he saw Kyuhyun stare at his muddy papers with an "Oh My God" expression.

"Fuck you,." Kyuhyun muttered.

"What did you say?" Sungmin smirked.

"FUCK. YOU. " Kyuhyun growled.

"Oh, you'd like me to fuck you, wouldn't you?" Sungmin teased. He laughed and walked away.

Damn him...

Kyuhyun knew he and Sungmin wouldn't get along, and Sungmin would keep on bullying him.

He knew that they would be enemies.
Chapter Twoooo~

Background info for Kyu?

Yep. Minnie is an ass. Kill me now. T.T

Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior. Or Lexus. And EsEm Entertainment is a parody name of SM Entertainment. I don't own SM Entertainment either.


PHOTO BY: ~luvXallXthingsXanime
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Loved the Pear!
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Lol xD "Silver Airlines" xD I see what you did there 8D

I still hope there's gonna be some KyuHae xD
AlteaAuroraRia Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2011
I love how you came up with the names for the companies! THE Pear, as Kyuhyun said, and EsEm Ent! ^^

Sungmin, whoa. I can't believe our dear bunny aegyo king became so... evil? Total reversal of roles, but I'm not complaining, Kyuhyun needs to be the lesser of the two evils once in a while!

Update soon!
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its really wierd seing Minnie like this i dont think hes got a mean bone in his amazing body =D
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Whoa when you said milky white skin I just thought Kim Heechul xD Oh dayum stuff is getting exciting...;D
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